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PhazPak's New "I" Model "Build-A-Phase" Phase Converters, Completely Simplifies Rotary Phase Conversion. It eliminates the need for a pick-up relay or timer relay, starting capacitors and complicated hook ups. PhazPak  "I" Model "Build-A-Phase" converters are 100% Solid State-No Mechanical relays to fail. PhazPak  "I" Model "Build-A- Phase" converters are economically priced too. In most cases they are less expensive then the old mechanical way. 

PhazPak's  NEW "I" Model "Build-A-Phase" Converters---The New Better Way To Build Rotary Phase Converters. 

Please open the following documents for more info and models available

                 "I"  Model Word Doc 1           "I" Model Word Doc 2

I Model "Build-A-Phase" units are also available in complete Pre-Packaged units.

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Build-A Phase is a Trademark of PhazPak Inc